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Our "hugger" cover is custom built for your unique shape of pool. It's so flexible it can be dimensioned to fit most pools. A Hugger comes in blue and is made from polyester-reinforced UV stabilized vinyl. There is a fine mesh imbedded in it to give it strength. The cover lies directly on the water and extends 1 1/2' around the perimeter of your pool and is anchored by pins into your decking every 3 - 4 feet. The pins attach to the cable which is encased in the hem of the cover. This makes it a very safe cover. In fact, should you need extra safety we can use a unique pin, while making it a little more difficult to remove, will make it more secure if you are worried about curious children. The price makes it more affordable than the track covers and you don't have to worry about mechanisms breaking down, etc. Covers, if properly taken care of, can last for many years. Give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone with just a width, length and the shape of your pool!

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